Guest Name, Gail Picado

Gail Picado
Gail Picado

Gail Picado was born in 1949. In high school, she loved to draw and write, but her father discouraged her, saying that there were too many starving artists, so instead, she took typing and bookkeeping, always working in an office.

As a child, her parents would take her and her siblings to her aunt and uncle’s farm in Brady, Nebraska, every summer to spend time with their cousins. She spent many hours learning chores that seemed more like play, and each chore created a good memory. There were no toys, but the animals were all the toys any child would need. This is how A Cow Named John was created.

Gail’s first novel, No One’s Son, published in 1991, is based on her father’s life. She and her husband reside in California and have three daughters.


I would like to dedicate this book to my Aunt Evelyn Elsasser, who always opened her home to us and never complained about the extra work or crowded conditions. She greeted every situation with a smile. Everyone should have an aunt like her.

A Cow Named John