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Dr Ruth Anderson
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I would be happy to speak about any of these topics:
*Walking with Spirit” means consciously living in the physical realm, while frequently connecting to divinity in the spirit realm and being open to all that they want me to experience. Every day I check in with my guides, Divine Mother, and God, sometimes seeking guidance, sometimes seeking connection, and sometimes seeking their healing abilities. Sometimes I communicate intuitively with animals, spot angel numbers (sets of repeating numbers that send a specific message) or receive lessons from the energetic realm through meditation.  I check in with Archangel Michael and my guides each morning and try to stay open throughout the day; I never know what my day is going to look like or what the next lesson might be. I have an understanding with Archangel Michael and Divine Mother that if they teach me life lessons, I will share them with others. My platform is my writing, and a weekly radio podcast called Walking with Spirit.
*I was shown a place in the ethereal realm where healing of souls with and without bodies takes place. Healing at "Open Clinic" is provided by Divine Mother and the archangels. As an intuitive, I have seen the souls that attend; I understand what their story is and what kind of healing they received, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.
*Our loved ones who have passed away are not entirely gone. As souls continue to exist after our physical death, we are still connected to each other through love. I have been shown this repeatedly through meditation, and I have experienced it with my loved ones who have passed away. Our loved ones will be there to meet us when it is our time to transition over. How will they know when it is our time? They will know because they never really left us.
*Through meditation, I have witnessed a near-death experience without having to almost die physically. I was shown a tribunal of six beings and one archangel who interviewed me in spirit to determine which level of the residential afterlife, or Cathedral of Souls I was to reside in. I have seen each of the levels of the afterlife, including Heaven and Hell. For some reason, there seem to be a lot of folks today who don’t believe that there is such a thing as Hell. My friends, I have seen it and I beg to differ!
*Spirit has shown me that there are similarities between life in the afterlife and life here in the physical realm. I would be happy to expound on that with you and your listeners.
*Divine Mother and the archangels are ready and willing to connect with us, but many folks don't know that they exist, or don't know how to reach out to them. I am spreading the word to help address beliefs that keep people from connecting with the Spiritual Divinity, and modeling how to create a personal relationship with them.
Topic Categories
Spiritual Counselor incorporating intuition, Holy Fire Reiki and spirit to spirit communication with Divine Mother and Archangels
Dr. Ruth Anderson is a lifelong student, teacher, and international best selling, award-winning author. Retired after a satisfying and worthwhile career in special education and public school administration, Ruth embraced her second calling, that of an intuitive reader and healer. After becoming a Reverend of the Church of Inner Light, she was given a ministry to witness and participate in the healing of souls with and without bodies in the ethereal realm called Open Clinic.
Author of One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic, and Walking with Spirit: Divine Illuminations on Life, Death and Beyond, Ruth is passionate about sharing energetic concepts and her experiences with the Spiritual Divinity. She hosts a weekly radio show, "Walking with Spirit" on International Angels Network which is available on BlogTalkRadio. Transformational sessions with private clients may include Reiki, spiritual counseling, energy reading, communication with the Spiritual Divinity, and soul to soul communication.  
In her latest book, Dr. Anderson describes her inspiring journey of walking hand-in-hand with archangels and the spiritual divinity. Her detailed stories create a nurturing backdrop for exploring the wonder of the spirit realm while providing answers to life’s most pressing questions:

What happens when we die?

How can I create a loving relationship with the archangels?

What can the spirit realm teach us about life on earth?

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