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Dr Glenville Ashby
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This writing is to introduce you to a dynamic Spiritual Teacher, award-winning author, healer, and thought leader who will inspire your audience and help them create pathways to creativity, improved mental and physical health, and peace Glenville Ashby, Ph.D..   An award-winning author, Dr. Ashby would be an excellent guest on talk shows that explore psychology, spirituality, religion, self-help, health and life-styles, and society and culture.

A prolific writer, Dr. Ashby’s latest literary work  “In Search Of Truth: A Course In Spiritual Psychology: Selected Writings 2013-2018” is the recipient of a five-star review from Literary Titan at and a five-star review from Jamie Michele for Readers Favorite (      

Spiritual Teacher Award Winning Author Emotional Intelligence Thought Leader

GLENVILLE ASHBY, PH.D. is an Emotional  Intelligence Thought Leader, Life Coach, author,  journalist, syndicated newspaper columnist, Author, wellness counselor, and lecturer.  DR. ASHBY is a certified QiGong instructor who studied under Grandmaster Zhou Ting-Je and SifuTina Zhan, a Wellness Consultant at the Harlem Nursing and Rehabilitation Center; Master Reiki practitioner; a certified meditation instructor; and an initiate in the Ifá tradition.  A prolific writer, Dr. Ashby’s literary works include  “In Search of Truth: A Course in Religious Psychology,” released in May 2018  and the recipient of two five-star reviews; The Mystical QiGong Handbook for Good Health; Anam Cara: Your Soul Friend and Bridge to Enlightenment and Creativity which is the recipient of the Literary Titan Gold Book Awards; The Believers: The Hidden World of West Indian in Spiritualism in New York;  and One Hundred Paths to God is scheduled for release in late 2018.   

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