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Dr Chris Hahn
Your Pitch

You can either be the rat or design the race. It’s your choice. Are you trapped in mediocrity, unsure of how to escape the life-sucking cycle of not living up to your full potential? Are you killing yourself to make other people’s dreams come true in the hope of eventually being able to do what you want? How long will you procrastinate before living the life of your dreams? Until you finish an important project, get a raise, or retire? If you are sick and tired of the rat race and dying to lead a life of unlimited abundance, happiness, and purpose, then you are ready to unbox yourself.

Dr. Chris has a passion for helping others to unbox themselves so they can live a life of greatness. As a guest on your show, he would discuss the following key points:

  • Share some of his own story of how he escaped the rat race and turned a hobby into passive income
  • How anyone can find more happiness in their current field even if they are in the rat race
  • How to identify your gifts, talents and goals
  • How to begin unboxing yourself so that you can live the life you were meant to
  • How the law of attraction really works and why you need to use it
Freedom coach, speaker and author of the book, Unbox Yourself

Dr. Chris Hahn has a passion for helping people live a life true to themselves and coaches professionals through career burnout, giving them the opportunity to live a life of purpose and true fulfillment. He is a Dentist, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Author, Speaker and Coach. He uses his problem solving gift and passion to aid others in unboxing themselves so they can live a life of greatness. If you are looking to be infected with success, happiness, passion and purpose, Dr. Chris is your vector.