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Bob Tiede
Bob Tiede - Author - Blogger and Leadership Development Team for Cru
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Leadership Development Director
Here is what my publicist Whitney Heins ( wrote: 
As part of his recovery process, Bob, leadership developer at Cru, wrote the free e-book Great Leaders Ask Questions: A Fortune 100 List and launched the blog, to help himself and others start leading by asking.
I think Bob would be a wonderful fit for your show. He’s a very compelling interview and storyteller that your audiences would greatly enjoy and benefit from listening to. You can hear some of his past interviews on The Ziglar Show and First Person Interview.
Some of his knowledge includes:
·         how to learn to lead with questions in less than 30 seconds
·         the 4 key questions one consultant uses to make a six-figure income
·         the best question to ask someone you’re connecting with for the first time
·         the art and effectiveness of one-word questions
·         the 3 best questions to ask during small talk that have nothing to do with weather
·         5 simple questions to increase effectiveness
If you’re interested in booking Bob or learning more, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Also, I invite you to download his e-book here which he created for the sole reason of serving others—and to stop being a teller!
Thanks for your consideration,