Guest Name, Barrie Gellis

Barrie Gellis


Barrie Gellis, M.A., is a published writer and former member of Jane Roberts’ ESP class in Elmira (one of the New York Boys) and was referred to as "our poet" by Seth in the 10-31-72 class. Barrie doesn’t simply "explain" Seth or repeat Seth’s concepts but he creatively expresses concepts in new, often poetic discourse, building upon what Seth said, drawing new connections and ideas....while also interpreting Seth’s concepts very clearly as well. 

His most-recent presentation is called: “The Secret About The Secret” or “The Secrets Left Out of The Secret’s “Law of Attraction.” The presentation highlights Seth's discourse on what has since been called “The Secret.” But it includes the FULL SECRET, including descriptions of the love, compassion and goodness inherent in all people. THIS involves our very purpose for choosing physical existence in the first place. Seth's concepts empower each person to become accountable in a loving way for their own lives — while caring about the well-being of others.

Barrie has given the following Seth conference presentation:

  1. How Deeply Embedded In The Seth Material, If At All,

      Is The Concept Of Not Hurting And Actually Helping Others? (11-22-09)

  1. "Helping And Not Hurting Others--Overlooked Keys To The Seth Material"  (11-14-10)
  2. Seth2: Is There Any Connection To Alien Contact?

(For Your Patient Consideration – I Don’t Know The Answer But Believe It Or Not,

The Question Is A Valid One) [11-12-11]

  1. The Doctrine Of Both: Is Physical Reality Real Or Not? (10-27-12)
  2. The Secret Left Out Of The Secret (10-7-15)

He has been the most-active-online ESP Class member for fifteen years and continues to be so, creating approximately 15,000 posts and counting.  He has created a number of ongoing Seth message and Face Book boards — as well as hosted a bimonthly cyber Seth chat for ten years.

Having published more than eighty poems in various magazines, he has written 4000+ poems, and is the author of the poetry book "Outside Is a Secret Key," available at or Amazon. It is collection of 100 poems that relate to experiencing inner and outer life, including Seth concepts, as well as poems that Sue Watkins included in her book, “Conversations With Seth.”  

Taking all this into consideration, including his online posts and his 4,000 + poems, and being called "our poet" by Seth, Barrie believes himself to be a Speaker. 

He was a certified Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation Specialist and an English teacher in a New York City high school for twenty years. Additionally, he has produced two public access TV shows for QPTV in Queens, NY.