Guest Name, Amanda Hart

Amanda Hart
Amanda Hart
Intuitive Consultant, Speaker & Author

Amanda Hart has been an intuitive consultant for over 23 years helping people to overcome adversity, to help them find their power and voice. 

By helping them to remove the negative programs that have caused their destructive cycles in various ways, it not only helps them to align to their authentic self, but it awakens them to their innate power, healing and creative expression. Once realigned, clients find their innate power, their people, their place in this world and often their purpose.

Her memoir ‘The Guys Upstairs’ released in 2015, quite unexpectedly changed her life having battled personally with years of domestic violence, addictions, depression and debilitating conditions, post-meningitis. Endorsed by key experts in the field of domestic violence such as Professor Evan Stark and Detective Chief Inspector Steve Jackson, she had no idea of the impact that book would have on her personally, as well as others.

Amanda herself was rescued by angels as a child whilst going through a torturous home life, hidden behind closed doors. They became a beacon of hope throughout her turbulent journey into womanhood and the reason she believes, why she survived. The illuminating conversations she has with her angels remain an important aspect of her everyday life, bringing her continual support and spiritual fulfilment. Today she helps others connect with their own angels, helping them to find deeper meaning and happiness, shining light into the dark recesses of their own lives.

Some may know her as one of the finalists on Britain’s Psychic Challenge on TV, a presenter on My Spirit Radio or columnist for Soul & Spirit Magazine. Today she speaks publicly about her story, to help others make sense of theirs.

Amanda supports a global audience and works collaboratively with other inspirers from around the world to awaken more souls. Her message is clear - “Our purpose unlocks our power and voice. Embracing vulnerability leads us to fear less and love more.”

Today her books, teaching and her campaign to raise awareness to support those suffering adversities, speaks volumes about the kind of determined commitment she has, to make this a better world to live in.

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