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Allan Fine
Allan Fine
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LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert

Who is Allan Fine?

Since 1996 The Executive Edge has been helping individual and companies succeed, now it's your turn.

Born and Raised in Toronto, Allan Came to Calgary in 1995. A master fitness trainer (Allan studied and taught fitness for 25 years), Allan says, "Becoming a master is not about doing 4000 different things, it's about doing 12 things, 4000 times each. Now as a master of marketing, Facebook, Social Media, Web design and more, The Executive Edge can help your company succeed. “A strategic sharp shooter, Allan consistently catapults his clients beyond the competition. "When you see how methodical Allan's approach is, you understand instantly how he can assure dramatic sales increases. Allan is a very brilliant man in his discipline. He's a very strategic-minded person, but his even stronger suit is figuring out the systems, the process, and the procedures that drive, sustain, maintain and replicate a system so a company can grow and become great. This is what I think is missing in most entrepreneurial companies.” With a desire to impact the masses in a positive way. Allan Fine is also a devoted father and husband, which he calls "my best accomplishment." Starting in late 2012 Allan started Niching in on LinkedIn, "it's the largest B2B database in the world!" in 2013 he launched, a B2B lead generation service working through LinkedIn. He has literally helped hundreds of business owners over the last 20 years take their businesses to the next level.

• Motivational Coach and Speaker.
• Professional Marketing and Franchising consultant
• Certified Life Coach and Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach
• Masters degrees in Exercise and Nutrition from NFPT Personal Trainer Certification and Fitness Education.
• The Train the Trainer 1 and 2 ” Certification program, trained by T. Harv Eker of “Peak Potentials” Landmark Education, Forum, Advanced and SELP Graduate
• LinkedIn lead generation expert

Fine’s high-energy, ‘cut-to-the-chase’ style keeps his audience spellbound. He teaches using ‘breakthrough’ techniques and high involvement; ‘accelerated learning’ technologies so that participants learn faster, remember more and achieve maximum results. The change in people is immediate and permanent. Alan H. Fine’s motto is “talk is cheap” and his unique ability is getting people to take “action” in the real world to produce real success.