Guest Name, Adele Brimage

Adele Brimage
Adele Brimâge
Transformational Life Coach, Writter & Speaker
Adele Brimâge is a Transformational Life Coach, Writer & Speaker, whose mission is to help as many women and visionary men cut through any resistance that’s keeping them feeling stuck or playing small in their life or business and GET CLEAR on what is truly holding them back, how to remove it and how to have self-love, confidence and unshakable self-belief in all areas of their life

Adele challenge her clients thinking and help them to acquire a mind-set that sets them up for success and sustainable results and propels them forward to achieve their goals in whichever area of their life they want to see real sustainable change.

Through her speaking she Inspires her audience to take back the CONTROL of their life, to get CLEAR about who they are and give themselves PERMISSION to be visible and dare to dream she shows them the ACTIONS to take to create a life that ignites them. She doesn’t allow her clients to take the soft option but helps them to relook at their beliefs and thinking to bring about a shift in their mind-set and she shows them a natural and easy way to do this.