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Increase Creativity, Beat Burnout and Happily Survive the Rollercoaster of Creative Entrepreneurship! This is the companion show to the book, Unleash Your Supernova - your go to guide for immediately, useable tips on: mindset, creativity hacks, decreasing stress, and unlocking your limitless potential. 

If you miss us on Fridays at 9pm EST on BBS Radio, no problem- make sure to download and subscribe to the Unleash Your Supernova Podcast!

Welcome to Unleash Your Supernova - Live! I am your Host, Nova Lorraine. I am the Author of Unleash Your Supernova! I am also the mother of four and the Founder of Raine Magazine, Pink Kangaru, The Raine School of Fashion, and Nova Lorraine International!  I am here with my one of my favorite people in the world, Ryon Anderson, Founder of Ryon Esquire, a Business and Peak Performance Coaching and Consulting Company.

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