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Truth from the Source is a program produced, engineered and directed by Dr. Ann West, who is also the show's host.

The mission of the show is to help inform the public about new innovative ways to heal our environment, our planet, and ourselves. This program addresses groundbreaking health care issues as well as metaphysical and environmental issues that affect all life on our planet. Every week, Ann will have an open dialogue to provide a forum for leaders and authors in a variety of fields, focusing on health, spirituality, and the environment at large.

For almost six years, Truth from the Source has successfully brought many leading authorities and international authors on air to discuss cutting edge environmental, health, and spiritual issues that are rarely discussed on other talk shows. Her mission is to inform the public about alternative ways to live a healthier, more conscious life style and create a healthier environment by becoming a part of the global solution and not part of the problem.

Whether you are looking for “it” or not, Ann is an expert waiting to help you.

Dr. Ann West is the inventor of MasterMind, an important, life-changing class on achieving your goals, she's a certified master of the hands-on healing approach known as Reiki (if you don't already believe in it, you will), and she's an experienced practitioner of Breathwork, an art it would behoove us all to be educated in.

No matter what kind of rut you are in, what blockage occurs in your life, there is a modality that will work for you. As a voyager, only you will know the right path to start on. As the ancient saying goes, “when you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Whether you believe you're ready or not, Ann is your best guide.

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