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Spiral Netwerk with Tamborine Borrelli, banner
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Covering subject matter within the spiral of life including self development (issue resolution), light and sound healing modalities, activation of our DNA upgrade to 12, multidimensional selves, parallel time lines as it pertains to 2012, quantum physics, the paranormal, other worldly visits, channeling & the reality of UFO’s.

This Show focuses on 3 levels:

1 Soul Psychology * forgiving disowned parts of ourselves (mirrored within the people we judge in our lives) * how to recognize and dissolve emotional patterns * understanding the power of self awareness and its connection to self love * exploring the roots of unworthiness and changing the program * learning tools to ‘re-program’ limiting beliefs and taking responsibility for our reality

2 EvolUtion Frequency * evolving our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies with the EvolUtion Frequency * exploring similar frequencies that have the same intention with a different name * using the 'point of power' in each moment of now to affect real change in your life

3 The Esoteric Library * exploring the power of the quantum moment, the electron and its connection to multidimensional reality * the evolution of our DNA: understanding the meaning of “God is within you” * How we can CHOOSE which version of 2012 we experience instead of being a victim of it * parallel time lines and the Ground Hog Day hypothesis

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