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The Simple Truth is a program about just that, the "Simple Truth". The Simple Truth will be focused around cutting-edge nutrition, health and healing products and modalities from around the world. We will be interviewing the worlds greatest health and nutrition experts regarding the latest research and developments in health and nutritional technology. We will be discussing The BioPhoton 4.0 lymphatic stimulator and the all new Accelerator Chair, and how these technologies can work for you. We will also give out freely, easy to obtain, affordable and effective suggestions for healing treatments and modalities that you can do right at home. Our host's has been blessed throughout his life to meet and become acquainted with a great many cutting-edge inventors, scientists, healers and nutritionists like Dr. Fredrick Bell and many others, as well as likewise entrepreneurs, also into cutting-edge healing and health products from around the world.

We will also address the current issues regarding our rights and freedoms in the United States and give you practical applications of what we can do about the grave injustices that are running rampant in OUR court systems today and destroying OUR country. We will also be interviewing the top experts in the country regarding our freedoms, rights and what we can do, legally and lawfully to protect ourselves, our children, our land and our freedoms. If "We The People" do not start doing what each of us have the God given power and responsibility to do, which is take back control of our health, our rights, and more importantly our country, then the very soil that we all stand on right now, will be sold right out from under ALL of our feet. This program WILL NOT be your typical patriot for profit, fight the government type program. No need to fight them, they have destroyed themselves just fine. It is only a matter of time now for those that have chosen that path. To those people, we send forgiveness, love and light! This program will be filled with the vibrations and light of educational, practical, common sense applications to solving issues facing everyone today, everyone. It's time to educate the people because it is only through education that "We The People" can make a difference, together as one. For we ALL are ONE, "I AM"!

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