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Shuem Soul Experience: Powerful shamanic experience delivered at home

Explore higher states of consciousness and wider states of being in a practical way.

Shuem Soul Experience is a radio show with:

· lots of practical info,
· exercises to explore and experience wider states of being,
· and a powerful free healing for harmonisation

Soul is our feeling experience that determines your outlook on life. Remember how bright the world was when being in love? And how awful it was when being depressed? It was the same world experienced in a very different way. Shuem Soul Experience is about soul quality and harmonisation.

By making use of wider states of consciousness, negativity in soul gets transformed and soul can be explored. Adding soul quality to your life makes you aware of the infinite possibilities of human experience. You don't get washed away by the circumstances that easily anymore, feel strong, relaxed and 'in flow' with life. Soul is a source of creativity and inspiration, inner peace and happiness.

Shuem Soul Experience is hosted by Stefan. As a Shuem Healer he has given many thousands of healing sessions and teaches Shuem Soul Healing already more then ten years. He is specialised in making use of higher states of consciousness for healing and transformation and lets his listeners share in this experience. With practical exercises, lively talks and a healing ritual he invites you to share in a field of experience in which we are all connected and can make a change.

To optimally dive into the Shuem Soul Experience it is best to sit down and stop the other things you were doing. Listening through headphones - especially during the healing - makes it even easier to share in the experience.

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