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Rich Kemp Live with Reverend Rich L. Kemp
Show Host
Reverend Rich L. Kemp

Reverend Rich presently exists in this earthly form to positively represent and to re-present the Infinite, Unconditional, Love of Spirit for all, in all, through all and for all.

Originally from the heavens, when asked by INFINITE LOVE where he would prefer to enter the earth realm, Reverend Rich choice was Nassau, capitol city in the beautiful Bahamas.

Internationally respected and universally loved, Reverend Rich is a divinely anointed Metaphysical New Thought Minister.

This well-known Master Spiritual Strategist, Reverend Rich is truly ” A Gift That Lifts !”.

His positive, power-filled, provocative and practical Truth Teaching presentations uplifts and empowers multitudes to "to get off their behind" and to use their Mind to have all that they wish to be, to do and to have, right here and right now.

Reverend Rich’s transformative ministry transcends all nations and denominations, and crosses all cultures, creeds and colors.

He has served as Senior Pastor, Conference Speaker, Teacher, Minister and Spiritual Counselor to many from all walks of life.

This gifted, versatile, talented and Master Empowerment Specialist Minister is available for speaking engagements, wedding officiant and private spiritual guidance sessions.

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