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There is magic in the stars.

When we reach within, we find a Universe awaiting us.We are each miracles, born of the heart, and our innocence brings us into our truth. We are born to be miracle workers and our hearts herald us into the New Jerusalem. The return of the Sacred Order of the White Rose and the Dove, bring us into our divinity.

This show is a time to explore miracles, love, joy, and the New Heaven.

We gather with the elementals, fairies, doves, peace troubadours, Michael, Quan Yin, and all the angelic ones who assist us on high.

It is time to be the fairy kingdom and be the angelic ones. We assist nations, through our pure hearts.

Join us for an hour of magic as many come and invite us into the Land of the Enchanted.

Your show host is Michele Denman, medium for the stars. She brings 12 years of experience, channeling the heart with Mother Earth and many other star beings.

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