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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 10 May 2021

Reaching into the Stars with Michele Denman

Show Host:

There is magic in the stars.

When we reach within, we find a Universe awaiting us.We are each miracles, born of the heart, and our innocence brings us into our truth. We are born to be miracle workers and our hearts herald us into the New Jerusalem. The return of the Sacred Order of the White Rose and the Dove, bring us into our divinity.

This show is a time to explore miracles, love, joy, and the New Heaven.

We gather with the elementals, fairies, doves, peace troubadours, Michael, Quan Yin, and all the angelic ones who assist us on high.

It is time to be the fairy kingdom and be the angelic ones. We assist nations, through our pure hearts.

Join us for an hour of magic as many come and invite us into the Land of the Enchanted.

Your show host is Michele Denman, medium for the stars. She brings 12 years of experience, channeling the heart with Mother Earth and many other star beings.

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Michele Denman

Michele Denman
Radio Talk Show Host, Intuitive Counselor, healer, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient

Biography from:

Michele serves as an intuitive counselor, healer, and psychic medium and assists others in waking up to their true identity. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and has even smelled and tasted energies in readings with others.Since early childhood, Michele Denman could sense people’s thoughts, would receive clear visions and feelings about events, and could easily feel the pain and feelings of others. She would often feel things that others weren’t even aware of. This was quite common throughout school years as she could sense things about teachers and students easily. She often felt great empathy for others and because her gift was unrecognized, it was difficult to understand or make sense of what she felt everyday.Michele continued throughout her life, using this gift, without knowing what it was. It wasn’t until age 22 when she met some other psychics that she learned that she was in fact channeling and she was a healer.By 1995, more and more people were seeking out Michele’s advice. She discovered that her insights continued to become stronger. The people she was reading told her she was very accurate and reported feeling so much better after being with Michele. They reported having a renewed sense of hope and vigor for their own personal missions.Today Michele has become so well known for her psychic gifts that referrals come in continually for her service, thus she has found little need for advertising or promotion. People find her through other people.Michele has been sharing her gifts through private consultations, groups, workshops, and classes that teach others that they too can tap into their energy and develop their own intuition. She has appeared on numerous television cable shows including “Bridging Heaven and Earth” (2005), which is shown worldwide. She is now a frequent guest on many radio programs and upcoming television shows.