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The Hillary Raimo Show
Matters for Mind, Body & Spirit Talk Radio

An hour dedicated to inspiring and healing the human spirit.. and raising the collective vibration worldwide... one show at a time...

To all of you,

I would like to personally invite you to listen and call in to speak with me and my invited guests. I will be available on the air for live coaching sessions related to integrating all aspects of self to nurture and inspire healing on all levels. My passion lies in helping others find their own voice as they gain the courage to reach for the stars and follow their dreams. Years of going through my own intimate healing process, and searching for mystical understanding and meaning to my own life, I now dedicate my life to reaching out to others and helping to facilitate hope and meaning into their lives.

This show will be intimately dedicated to YOU, the listeners, and I will be available to all of you on the air as we share our stories, experiences and heal together. Occasionally I will bring on a guest to further that healing with specific knowledge of different healing modalities.

Until then, Live Well.

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