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We practice Spiritualism allowing us to embrace and serve an inter-denominational congregation.

Our mission is to help everyone of you to honor God by being everything you can be and to insure everyone that all spiritual roads lead to "The One God."

What each of us call "The One God" may differ, but just like a rose in any other language is still a rose . . . so God by any name is the same God . . . a God of Love, a source of all life, through who we can celebrate our uniqueness and our oneness.

Please celebrate with "The One God" by attending the church, temple or synagogue of your choice. Then join us on-line to share in the communion of spirit.

We believe and abide by the following Principles:

  1. God by any name, in essence, is the same "One God."
  2. Acknowledge, Validate and Appreciate each other's uniqueness and differences, embracing each other as a part of God's spiritual family.
  3. Communion of Spirit and the Ministry of Angels
  4. A "Continuum Existence of Life" for each individual
  5. Personal responsibility
  6. Acknowledge that thought is the seed of creation. Each person will attract a life harvest according to what he/she thinks.
  7. All spiritual pathways lead to the "One God."
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