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Show Host
Ricardo Saldia

Certified Rolfer, Bio-feedback Therapist, and Ordained Minister.
Promoting physical and spiritual alignment through awareness and action.

Listen to Cyber Shaman for stimulating talk on topics that will expand your understanding of the connectedness between indigenous traditional wisdom and the new resurgence of Quantum medical science. The interest in natural medicine has been building over the years and can be seen as the way of the future. The availability of information on the internet and the surge of new medical technologies have created many new and exciting ways to integrate traditional wisdom into our modern way of life.

Hear encouraging talk radio that will fuel your desire to be connected to the web of life. And learn about how you may gain insight into your soul’s path and contracts to help you understand your purpose. If you feel that you need support gaining access to your spirit and being, listen to Cyber Shaman on BBSRadio.

Other services available by Cyber Shaman: Finding your soul’s path, Medical Astrology, Who are your animal helpers? Receive one on one time and gain insight on how you can create the life that deep down inside you pray and yearn for.

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