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Disasters happen all the time, everyday! Pandemics, Earthquakes and Extreme Weather. Are you prepared to handle the disaster? Do you have a family emergency plan? Supplies? Do you know how to rescue injured loved ones and administer first aid?

Emergencies happen quickly, so you must be prepared for them. The whole family must be prepared on how to react to a disaster. Most lives are lost in a disaster due to the sad fact that people do not know what to do.

Common Sense Preparedness will bring to the average listener: basic and simple ideas on how to prepare and react to emergencies, to include planning, ready kits, evacuations, shelter in place, basic CPR / First aid and AED operations.

The show is hosted by Tim Howard, from HE Safety Consultants, who shares his 25 plus years emergency response experiences and stories with the listener, in order to ensure the listener is able to prepare their family.