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Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr

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Dr. Francis Boyle, WHO Engaged in Bioweapons Technology against humanity – background.

Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr and guests Jo Sparks and Veila Hernandez

Part 1

The Ascension and Our Bright, Beautiful Future

Part 2

Jo Sparks of Jo’s Starseeds in Australia on Food shortages in Australia and in the U.S.

Part 3

Veila Hernandez, Pet Psychic

Part 4

WHO and Bill Gates trying to take over the world; Biden as the Fake President

Without review or approval of the legislature, a minister can now create a new order requiring people to install tracking devices on their cellphones, and requiring them to register their phones with the government. Without any oversight, a minister can create an exclusive list of people who are legally permitted to go outside, or legally authorized to drive a vehicle, and impose a $1,000 fine on those who walk outside or drive “illegally” because they are not on the list.