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Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger

Guest, Kelly Bowker, Channeled readings, mediumship, spiritual mentoring, and light language. The amazing Kelly Bowker who channels physical and non-physical beings from all dimensions, realms, timelines, and incarnations. Channeled Information for Living Your Best Life.

Unlocking Your Best Life: Channeling Wisdom for Success

New Realities with Emily Joy Harris 'Prophetess of the Timeline Portals ', Timelines and Dimensional Portals

Magenta Pixie is Alexandra's guest for this lively, insightful, and very timely interview. Magenta Pixie, told by her guides she would be a "medium for other mediums", produces beautiful and inspiring videos reciting her channelings from nine White Winged Beings that she calls 'The Nine’. These channelings, and her commentaries on them, can be found on her website and at her Youtube channel (see below for links).

Alexandra Meadors and Kauilapele have a lively and engaging conversation and warmly reminisce in regards to the powerful way that Alexandra and Steve Meadors first met Kauilapele back in 2013. They discuss the parallels in their own paths and the amazing relationships forged and well as the synchronizations that continued to unfold then and even to this very day.