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In tonight’s session Justin and Shusara discuss the primary attachment of the ego. Justin presents the concept of surrendering to the present moment and Shusara shows him the inaccuracy of that statement and its corresponding beliefs. Shusara addresses again how the mind creates linear time and uses that to illustrate how the ego can never actually be in the present moment. 

Tonight’s session began with a student, Justin, commenting on the power of The Kumara Center’s work from his vantage point of a serious spiritual seeker. Shusara adds to Justin’s commentary by pointing out the missing piece from other paths that we present to the seeker. One must begin to stop running from their pain and view it as a means to greater liberation. It is of the utmost importance to be balanced in life. You are here to live life fully, embracing all experience as a necessary part of the path home.

Shusara begins tonight’s session with looking at how, even in a world where “bad” things happen, the gift… the love… is always present. The circumstances and stories that bring pain hold the greatest value for the seeker, because the key to unlocking the pain exists within the pain, itself. And the pain which exists in this story is held in place by the beliefs which underlie it. Beliefs are learned and there is innocence underneath them. It is compassion which allows us to see beyond a person’s actions, justified by their beliefs, to the innocence beneath the patterning.

Shusara began the session by addressing the concept of the world being real, yet not real. Consciousness, locked into identification with the concept of the personal self, is enslaved by it. At this level consciousness the outer world is its reality, however, to unidentified consciousness, the world is an unreal projection of the identified collective lower mind. Shusara also speaks about the innocence within the identification and how everyone... as personality... is just a reflection of the imprinting placed upon them.

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In tonight’s session Shusara attempts to give helpful examples of how to navigate through deeper spiritual work within the context of your own life stories. You have the opportunity every day to deepen your understandings as you apply them in your life, but the desire has to be stronger than any fear you hold. In truth, there is no stasis in the universe, you are either moving forward on your path or backwards. You are capable of living a conscious spiritual life and the extent to which that unfolds begins and ends with you and you alone.

In tonight’s session Shusara stresses that the spiritual goal of the seeker aka ascension, is very real and she encourages everyone to loosen their grip on how they hold their material reality in relation to the seemingly “unreal” world outside duality consciousness. Heaven does exist but as a state of consciousness and not a location. It is right here and right now and one’s perception is what dictates their experience of it, or lack thereof. In truth, you have never left, or stepped outside of, that which you are… God.