Ep 346 GENE DECODE Part 1, April 29, 2020

SpirituallyRAW The Ass Whipping Truth with April and Jay Matta

(Part 1) Ep: #346 GENE DECODE
Tom Hanks Top Warlock in North America DEAD? Obama - DEAD?
Qanon, Adrenochrome, Trump, Ivanka, Hollywood Celebs, Clones, DU.M.B.S, Aliens, MK Ultra, Great Awakening. YOU Decide.

The Truth Zone, June 13, 2017

From Snowflakes to Trumpflakes, America needs Head & Shoulders

This is not a knock on the president. He is doing the best he can given the horrific circumstances of the entire Establishment. This is about the irrational worship of an iconic figure. For eight years, Obama supporters, and rightfully so, were lambasted for doing the exact same thing.

The Secret of my Unsuccess, or Cutting Loose from Sodom

Breaking Chain
The Secret of my Unsuccess, or Cutting Loose from Sodom

Galactic Connection: What Will it Take To Effect A Much needed Change? Step Into Your Mastery!, March 22, 2016

Galactic Connection with Alexandra Meadors

Alexandra and Mike Harris have yet another in-depth conversation about the state of our world. Hold on to your hat and put on your seat belts! From from Putin and Syria to the oil cartel and the history thereof, to who really won WWll, to the Library of Alexandria to the Vatican to modern political voting programming…and more.

Galactic Connection: Sheldan Nidle Q & A, February 16, 2016

The Dragon Families
High Council of Agartha
The Moon and the Montauk Program
Declaration of Independence
Earth Grid
Heaven on Earth
Delay regarding the Financial
His perspective of the Pope
Federation vs. Galactic Federation of Light
The order in which it unfolds
Ascended masters

Galactic Connection: Intel Report: We Are Down to 6% of The Dark Ones Here On Planet Earth!, June 23, 2015

Alexandra Meadors and Tory Smith share a intel packed interview full of juicy information about what's gone down with the solar system, military, and more. Tory shares amazing details on how annoying it is to deal with these "nonhuman" beings that create such havoc and how much clearing has actually taken place within our solar system.

Galactic Connection: Successful Removal of Bush and Cheney Accomplished! The Tactics of The Dark Are Getting More Fierce and More Desperate!, February 24, 2015

Tory Smith and Alexandra Meadors share yet another discussion regarding the changes they are both noticing with the dark's tactics at this final hour. Tory confirms that he feels strongly that their grid has been destroyed and the dark's "reinforcements" are getting younger and less experienced. Tory shared the way he uses zero point energy to blast the dark beings.

Galactic Connection: Stand Tall, Stand Confident and Shine Your Light!, February 17, 2015

Alexandra talks about messages she's received and the importance of standing tall and shining your light in the midst of what is going down on planet earth.

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