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Guest Name
Tory Smith
Guest Occupation
Healer and Survivor
Guest Biography

Tory Smith is a planetary healer who seeks Justice to help bring child trafficking to an end once and for all.  His determination and commitment to assist the young and oppressed has opened him up to dealing with some of the darkest beings out there. Because of this experience, his healing sessions are so effective that he has successfully helped the dramatic decline in the number of children being sacrificed. In 2010, he was blessed with the gift of reading people's DNA in impeccable detail, providing invaluable information on the number of lives we have, where we have lived, which planets we have frequented, how much sacred light we carry,  and what our theme is just to name a few. His Life Themes of Healer and Survivor are evident when In 2013, Father and Mother gave Tory the ability to send demons into the Light. Acting as a conduit for Zero Point Energy, Tory consistently sends Light to the dark and continues to master the effects of this.