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To those of you who are in positions of Leadership, Power and Influence,

Good Sunday Afternoon.

Attached is a document containing my rendition of TAPS which I hope entry will be included in the TAPS For America Memorial Day Event. 

LINK to Download Video:


Issued against the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and United Church of Canada

We as a country celebrate our fallen heroes. What is a hero? Would we need these heroes if not for the Military Industrial Complex? Do we continue to encourage our children to enlist?

It has already been decided. The Big Media / Big Government insiders have it all scripted for maximum ratings. They'll make it look like a big race between power elite potentates for the ultimate prize - President of the United States.

The plan is to split the conservative vote between a Republican and a populist Independent with libertarian sentiments. Remember Ross Perot? He split the conservative vote to get Bill elected. It worked back then. And Hillary is the designated driver this time around.