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TAPS Memorial Day

TAPS Memorial Day

TAPS Memorial Day

To those of you who are in positions of Leadership, Power and Influence,

Good Sunday Afternoon.

Attached is a document containing my rendition of TAPS which I hope entry will be included in the TAPS For America Memorial Day Event. 

LINK to Download Video:

Twenty years ago, our family went to visit family in Washington, DC. Part of our visit was a trip to The Mall to learn history, especially Maya Lin's Wall which I toured by myself first and was joined by my wife and kids after 15-2 0 minutes or so.

As our family gathered at Ms. Lin's Wall, I noticed two ladies dressed in Military Type Uniforms with which I was not familiar though I did notice their Garrison Cap trimmed in Gold. 

We exchanged pleasantries. It was Mother's Day. One of the ladies asked if I had called my mother on this important day for Moms. I replied with a "not yet" since it was early afternoon, and I knew Mom was napping. I told the two ladies that I always call Sunday evenings every week and often once or twice a week just to say hello to Mom and Dad.

They both said, "you make sure you call". I politely said, 'Yes Ma'am. I asked why are you asking? They told me "Because you CAN call your mom, our sons can't". 

It was then that I put it together. The Gold Trim on their Garrison Caps and Uniforms indicated they were Gold Star Mothers.

We smiled, tried to dry our eyes, nodded our heads in acknowledgment which represented and expressed a thousand words and emotions. Then we went our respective ways.

This is Marty Ford born, raised and educated in Philadelphia, Philly to some of us such as Mike Taibbi, who I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to when he worked in Philly. I seem to recall Mike Taibbi working for a New York news program. I have lived in New Jersey since 1980. In 1988 my wife and I were married, and our kids came to us in 1990 and 1994.

I served in The USAF from 1969-1973.

My Dad served in The US Army and worked at The Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia, for thirty-three years and retired as Civilian Deputy Commander in charge of the base closing in 1979.

My Brother was ROTC in college.

My Uncles served in the Army and Navy.

I am doing my solo TAPS performance at our home.

I use my lips as my instrument since what I know about music and most things in life would echo in a thimble.

Like many Military veterans from my era, I have kept things inside, bottled up and struggling each day to erase the wicked and evil memories which, for me, have come to the forefront since the beginning of the pandemic while I know there are thousands of Military Veterans who have been battling there with issues about which most folks are unaware though they are getting familiar rather quickly with the pandemic and multiple recent tragedies throughout our country..

Attached are two documents containing my version of TAPS. Hopefully at least one will open for you so you can listen and enjoy my thirty-two second rendition of TAPS without an actual instrument I might add except for the human spirit. I'm kind of low tech, however my wife got me this far.

I hope one, some or all of you will find it in your hearts to make my TAPS performance known to your audience and included in TAPS for America 2022.

Be well my friends.


Marty Ford