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Article by Dr Christopher Rudy May 24, 2015

Why Hillary Will Be President
Semi-Satire: Hillary Clinton for President? NOT!

It has already been decided. The insiders have Hillary's election scripted for maximum ratings. It will look like a big race between power elite potentates for the ultimate prize - President of the United States. The plan is to split the conservative vote between a Republican and a populist Independent with libertarian sentiments. Remember Ross Perot? He split the conservative vote to get Bill elected. It worked back then. And Hillary is the designated driver this time around.

It has already been decided. The Big Media / Big Government insiders have it all scripted for maximum ratings. They'll make it look like a big race between power elite potentates for the ultimate prize - President of the United States.

The plan is to split the conservative vote between a Republican and a populist Independent with libertarian sentiments. Remember Ross Perot? He split the conservative vote to get Bill elected. It worked back then. And Hillary is the designated driver this time around.

Think of all the people who will vote for Hillary to see the first woman President... just as they voted for Obama to be the first black, or at least half-black President. That's not to say that only sexist and racist people will vote on sex or race.

I lot of well-meaning people who voted for Obama will also vote for Hillary because, well, there won't be any other 'viable' Democrat that the banksters can get behind while promising social welfare for the once middle class that is increasingly destitute due to paying for the rise of China with their jobs.

Not that endless war policies will change under Hillary's watch, no matter how 'homey' Hillary sounds on the campaign trail. That's just perception management in the media. Hillary is a hawk for the 1% who have already raised two billion dollars for her election campaign.

And what better face to put on escalating war with Russia and China then a woman's face. The new face of power - velvet glove on an iron fist, at least until the gloves come off.

The big money from Big War, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag (Monsanto) and the "Big Bank" (privatized FED) is all betting on Hillary. So be prepared for some very convoluted Big Media campaigns positioning Hillary as a champion of democracy, or at least democratic party values that Elizabeth Warren has championed, a glaring upstaging of Hillary's 'for the people' hubris while serving the corporatocracy.

Of course, Hillary has to make it through the primaries, but it is well documented that the Party Machine has been 'fixing' primary elections with all kinds of voting machine hacks if not out-sourcing the electronic vote count to computer companies owned by Party affiliates.

But Hillary has paid her dues. Yes, she has made big mistakes, murderous ones, but she has held the line for the corporatocracy collusion of giant business cartels with big government (FedGov) that increasingly overrules StateGov and core sovereign Constitutional rights.

Quid pro quo. Hillary has earned the right to represent the new aristocracy corporatocracy who are represented on Capitol Hill 24/7 while we get to vote every few years. Since the infamous Supreme Court decision, ironically called 'Citizens United', K-Street now openly re-elects Congress critters with mega-million $'s of dark money for reelection campaigns in direct proportion to their support of legislation that serves the corporatocracy.

So it's a done deal. Unless there's a 'Black Swan' event like a collective frequency shift with a completely unexpected surge in public awareness of (and demand for) systemic solutions that go viral to reboot our core social, political and economic institutions.

But don't hold your breath. You won't see that global evolution revolution revelationuntil it goes mainstream, and there's a lot of disruption of corruption that must take place first.

Big Media certainly won't report this net roots decentralized movement harnessing Internet capabilities to check and balance inordinate collusion between big business and big government.

Interactive global TeLeComm, emphasizing the TLC, is gaining traction as a 'meme' -- a self-fulfilling prophecy -- in global social networks. Call it the 'Peace and Love Party'. Or the 'CyberEthics and Web 3.0' Party. Yep... global Netizens will party hearty when they see how truth and love can check and balance the deception of power without principle.

Disintegration of the prevailing centralized power paradigm precedes integration of a decentralized 'TLC' paradigm. And Hillary could be the catalyst for social chaos devolution that demands a more enlightened evolutionary powershift whereby the frequency of LOVE-in-action goes mainstream, as in frequently, with interactive mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

Consider the up-side that such a stark down-side will compel. As corporate tyranny comes out of the closet, 'TeLeCommunity' will counter with an equal surge of social conscience in our ubiquitous social network communities. As tyranny surges, TLCpurges. Shift happens:)

As social chaos morphs Jade Helm 'practice' into martial law lock-down, open source social networks will counter with 'TeLeConscience', a surge in freedom's voice of "Conscience... the most sacred of all property." ~ James Madison, Chief Architect of the Constitution

As social dis-ease festers with the plagues of cancer and public mental illness, open source 'TeLeCare' will provide free online holistic healing standards for the analysis, prevention and treatment of all disease.

With economic collapse of the giant ponzi-scheme bankster bubble called 'Wall Street', the smart money will migrate to open markets where 'TeLeCommerce' liberates open source solutions that profit 100% of humanity in our global village.

The bottom line is 'smart money', the currency of conscience, that wakes up to the vision of systemic TeLeComm solutions to systemic problematic "DUH" (Dense,Unconscious & Heartless) afflicting the 1% whose inordinate love of power is blind to the ordained power of love.

Whether Hillary gets elected or not will not make any difference if another wolf in sheep's clothing is elected. What will make the difference for GLOBAL civilization at this time is a process, not a false-flag president.

That PROCESS is one of reconciliation with the entire world as is now possible with current Internet capabilities. It's a process with heart coherence standards forfull spectrum mind congruence in the social consciousness that is cultured in our global social networks.

So remember the dream of America is where anyone can be President, even Hillary. But don't expect the Clintons to rock the boat of their handlers. They're team players. And although the public at large is not on their team, they will campaign and rule as though representing the best for all.

So keep the Faith. It's often darkest before the dawn. And the choice between Hillary and another Bush will certainly raise the stakes for a Black Swan event that is the judgment on terror-for-tyranny tactics of power elite potentates who are ethical infants.

When left with a choice between two evils, the public may repudiate such an evil system with our right to create a new system around those first principles of truth and love of, by and for all. In fact, we may not have any other choice before long! ~ Christopher

"... and when a long train of abuses and usurpation, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

~ Declaration of Independence.