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Shadow Politics, November 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump? Who will carry America into the future? The 2016 US Presidential election has been unpredictable and surprising. America is clearly a deeply divided nation and many Americans feel alienated from the country's political system. How do we fix this and what does this mean for America?

Shadow Politics, October 2, 2016

Shadow Politics with U.S. Senator Michael D. Brown and Maria Sanchez

Who fared better in the first Presidential debate, Trump or Clinton? The ACLU, Amnesty International & the Human Watch Group are all urging President Obama to pardon Snowden, despite Snowden's release of documents detailing mass surveillance programs by the U.S. Is the pardon justified? Should marital infidelities be discussed in a Presidential debate?

Shadow Politics, August 21, 2016

We welcome back guest Kathleen Gomez to continue talking about the Presidential Election and other current events!

Cosmic LOVE, July 23, 2016

Cosmic LOVE with Christopher Rudy

The Presidential Election and Future of America

Discussing the show today. Call ins are welcome:)

Shadow Politics, January 31, 2016

Shadow Politics with U.S. Senator Michael D. Brown and Maria Sanchez

Senator Michael D. Brown reports from the front lines in Iowa following the Iowa Caucus. He will be calling in to give us a "birds eye view" as the Caucus unfolds. Maria will be in the studio giving us some historical perspective of the Caucus, the Electoral College and its origination. Fascinating history in the making!

Shadow Politics, January 17, 2016

Today we welcome my co-host, Maria Sanchez, back to the show and we'll be inviting Kathleen Gomez on for another round of talking about political affairs, the presidential race, immigration, guns, and the State of the Union speech. Never a dull moment with Kathleen!

Article by Dr Christopher Rudy May 24, 2015

Why Hillary Will Be President
Semi-Satire: Hillary Clinton for President? NOT!
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