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Common Law, Radio Free Kanata and The Pennsylvania Putsch – An Appeal, January 8, 2017

Common Law, Radio Free Kanata and The Pennsylvania Putsch – An Appeal
The Oyster World
 January 7, 2017  

Blog Entry, Kevin Annett January 1, 2017

These Books are Weapons! Please share

Galactic Connection: Vatican Politics Unveiled, November 1, 2016

The most abhorrent conspiracy is that against children. No one has done more than Kevin Annett to shine uncompromising light on this uncomfortable subject.

Evil has an Address, October 30, 2016

Evil has an Address: Cult Ritual Crimes and How to Stop Them

The War at Home - Rebroadcast July 05, 2015, October 23, 2016

The War at Home: Stopping the Theft of our Children, and Establishing the Republic

Rebroadcast from July 05, 2015

Episode Link:

Sanctions against Canada and its churches, September 11, 2016

This Sunday on Radio Free Kanata

Sanctions against Canada and its churches: An Appeal to World Leaders

An overview and update from ITCCS, September 4, 2016

An overview and news update from the ITCCS and common law movement

Galactic Connection: A BREAKING GLOBAL NEWS RELEASE, August 23, 2016

Kevin Annett makes a bombshell announcement of the plans of the ITCCS regarding a planned and upcoming diplomatic and public appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to assist them in “help us stop the child killers” in an urgent and strategic move to take action against the ninth circle in stopping child sex trafficking and child sacrifice rituals!

Galactic Connection: Breaking News, July 12, 2016

Today, for the first time, a Canadian government insider has confirmed that a secret  program has operated since the spring of 1998 to silence or eliminate witnesses to Indian residential school crimes, and to stop any real inquiry into those crimes.

This latest whistle blower has confirmed what some of us have known from experience for many years.


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