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Orwellian Wars, Mind Controlled Prime Ministers, and Missing Children: Annett's Commentary, May 4

Email International Tribunal For Crimes Of Church And State For Further Information / To Collect Bounty:


A Call to the Truck Convoy in Canada: 
$10,000 Reward is offered for the Arrest of convicted felons Justin Trudeau and Governor General Mary Simon 

Justin Trudeau and the Vanishing Murder Weapon, Act Two: Tragedy becomes Farce in Canada’s Classrooms

By Kevin D. Annett

A Public Communique issued by the Provisional Council of the Republic of Kanata

Friday, April 24, 2020

United Resistance Movement forms to oppose police state regime in Canada; Justin Trudeau and others to be charged with Treason and Criminal Conspiracy in Common Law Court Action  

People Who I Plan to Take Down, thanks to Justin Trudeau:

Another Ringside Report from the Great White North

by Kevin "The Champ" Annett

In this last week of 2015, Alexandra Meadors and Will Berlinghof share yet another amazing interview. Cosmic Awareness comes through with clarity and purpose, sharing messages we all truly need to hear and assimilate as members of the enlightened spiritual community.

As Will channels the Cosmic Awareness, you will hear information on:

*The role of the Enlightened Ones

*The importance of holding one's energetic space  

*How holding and projecting a positive nature is a great and    wonderful service to Humanity