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Planetary Makeover Show with David Mynott II

Science, Spirituality and Humanity on the Verge of a Breakthrough

This audio podcast discusses the work of several scientists who have challenged the mechanistic, strictly materialistic preoccupation of traditional science, and then show how those scientists’ work parallels that of the highly evolved and spiritually awake esotericists. Cielito Pascual interviews Gary Dorko, a non-scientist "layperson."

The Allow Love Show

El Morya is here. In charge of the Brotherhood of the Light which is composed of Ascended Masters who are helping humanity at this time

There are 8 gifts of Christmas that we have, or have had at some point, but we’ve misused them terribly, to the point where we have conscientiously chosen to let them go to pursue other fictitious aspirations. Why? Christmas is just one of those funny holidays that has a rather unusual effect on people, because there are so many different things to say and share about it, and because it’s also one of the few days left in the year that really allow us to look back and reflect on our families, our friends, and our humanity toward one another.

The Debut Show of Why Life Is... on BBS Radio!

Do we need ego if we are expanding spiritually ? where does it fit in, or does it? We can sometimes face obstacles as we traverse our spiritual path - our ego, if not balanced can really block us. Telling us everything from "you're not worthy" to "there is nothing wrong with you". But, if you are to have true mastership of God-self then yes ego must be balanced. Today my guest are a husband and wife team Rev. Dr. Linda Martin and Dr.