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ET Yoga with Charles Green This Episode contained links between the most recent scientific discoveries and different levels of perception on the Spiritual Path and levels of creating and maintaining optimum health. Key information concerning some of the secret inner teaching of Xi Gong. 

ET Yoga with Charles Green-This episode was mostly about a spiritual journey and specifying different levels of consciousness. Multiple techniques were interwoven connecting Yoga or 'Union with Higher Self' and extraterrestrial teaching.

ET Yoga with Charles Green-This episode was about the foundation of language on Earth and its connections to ET civilizations which contribute DNA and creating different races on the planet. Also, included was info on several ET races, Reality Creation tips and amazing new products to promote exceptional health. 

ET Yoga with Charles Green This episode was the ET Yoga spin on a New Year. It included suggestions for inner work resolutions, connected the body's signals to emotional issues, articulated the concept that you 'Don't have a belief you don't prefer' and even speculated on things to look forward to in 2017. 

ET Yoga with Charles Green-This episode continued the outside the box healing workshop from the Dec. 3 show and also includes information about 'Sacred Circuits', 13 Crystal Skulls and Reality Creation tips. 

Alexandra hosts renowned ET researcher and star-children specialist, Mary Rodwell. Her newest book, The New Human: Awakening to Our Common Heritage, is due out in 2 or 3 weeks.

ET Yoga with Charles Green-This episode was about how self empowering information about how the universe operates spills over to creating excellent health and providing the means to heal our bodies of emotional dysfunction or what we call disease. 

ET Yoga with Charles Green-This Episode connected the ancient civilization of Atlantis and the Atla Ra to modern times in the form of information and crystal healing technology. Healing information related to Xi gong, Vogel crystals, Bashar's basics of health, Haritaki and Amrit Kalash were explored. Scientific information regarding our 'Flashing Universe' related to 'Belief' and the 'Power of Positive Spin' were also discussed. 

ET Yoga with Charles Green-This Episode was about connecting ancient civilizations with modern times, throwing light on Halloween; which is the Eve before the 2nd destruction of Atlantis. Also, information surrounding our 'Flashing Universe' and its practical healing implications. Finally, some Reality Creation ideas from Marilyn the Magician. 

ET Yoga with Charles Green-This Episode was all about  the mind's untapped potential; especially as related to healing and health issues. The connection between science, extra-terrestrial information and the wisdom of Yogic Masters was made. Healing concepts and techniques were included.