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New Realities with Alan Steinfeld and special guest, Peter Roth - Topics include a New Wave of Consciousness - Energy Stew Talk Show - Energy Healing

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The process of awaking up from the "control matrix" of the mass media and corporate/governmental manipulations  is nothing less then activating our own spiritual "codes" which are embedded in our  DNA.   
The unused portions of our DNA that were previously hammered "off line" are currently reconnecting on the etheric level.   This is related to the rising level of energy on the planet and is reflected in the growing
public awareness that is beginning to question the traditional authority figures around us.

Eric Altman, spiritual heal from Portland, Oregon, is an awakened spiritual teacher committed to assist in the awakening of each person.  Eric works internationally offering a system of energy healing transmissions he developed and coined Heart Field Healing.  Effective both in person and at a distance.  Eric has a gift of transmitting optimal energy to others.  This Source energy has an intelligence of its own and results in profound physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.  Eric's transmissions promote presence, inner freedom, wellness, creativity and self-relient wholeness.