Climate Change

Shadow Politics, July 9, 2017

This Sunday Maria and I will be reviewing what's been going on around the world such as Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin; the G-20 Summit meeting in Hamburg, Germany; US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement; tensions with North Korea; current Healthcare Plan concerns and the on-going 'Tweets' that are rocking the nation! Join us for these and other current events!

Paris Climate Discord and the Globalist Hoax

Donald Trump saved the American economy from further damage by this phony climate initiative.

The Truth Zone Global Warming is a HOAX, June 2, 2017

Shocking truths behind elitists pushing global warming and the truth about "refugees" flooding Europe. Isn't it time we the people push back?

The Truth Zone, May 31, 2017

Trump pulling out of Paris Climate Summit because Global Warming is a complete hoax to keep us poor and in the dark while the global elites reap the benefits. 

Who is George P Bush? 

Life With The Girlfriends, March 12, 2017

Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie Peters and Julie Peters

Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie Peters & Julie Peters

Topic: Never judge a dog by its collar, a review of Moonlight, climate change and permafrost, and how to use your imagination for change-all this and more in this episode of Life with The Girlfriends.

Catch & release program for the ????, May 6, 2014

This week's show of Insight Out -- the Naked Truth (7 PM PDT) will focus on the single greatest obstacle to human fulfillment. Can you guess what it is?  No, it's not the powers that be, not global climate change, not power/greed/selfishness motive...though that's getting closer.

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