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Breaking the Silence With Host Dr. Gregory Williams

With Guest, Jason Frey, Retired Detective of San Bernardino County

Jason retired from the San Bernardino Country Sheriff's Department as a detective who primarily investigated crimes against children. Jason taught recruits at the basic academy how to respond to and investiage allegations of child abuse and sex crimes. Jason on this episode of Breaking the Silence shares his wisdom on creating a safe environment for children in the digital age and also exposing the any myths of child sexual abuse and human trafficking.

Healthy Families First with Dr Rachael Leah

Chapter 2 Recovering from Sexual Assault and Bringing Lightness and joy to the heavy subject of child abuse

ITCCS Breaking News Bulletin: 
Dissident Catholic Clergy in Nine Countries Challenge and Threaten to Separate from the Church of Rome over Child Abuse 
Hi everyone,
After a brief hiatus we are back live on the air, Sunday April 9 at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, 10 pm GMT at

The most abhorrent conspiracy is that against children. No one has done more than Kevin Annett to shine uncompromising light on this uncomfortable subject.

Kevin, a former United Church minister, and the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) have demonstrated that the Vatican embodies and protects not just a few bad-apple pedophiles, but has institutionalized ritual child abuse and, in Canada, the US, and around the world, has overseen the mass murder of indigenous tribal children, mainly through Church-run orphanages.

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