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Talk Radio Show Program NOW AIRING on BBS STATION 2

If it's not mainstream, it's on BBS Radio TV! Live Talk Radio and Indie Music
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Live Talk shows are all broadcast in pacific time (PT). Please be aware that if you are on the East Coast listening to talk radio the schedule will reflect talk shows that are streaming live original programming at earlier times than you might think. BBS Radio Live Talk Radio broadcasts are audible by all connection types, speeds and quality preferences. Whatever the listener desires, the listener gets! BBS Radio streams in several bit rates, from 24K to 128K joint stereo to give an audience the best of all worlds. We also stream in various formats like flash, HTML5, aacPlus, mp3, and we even stream to dial-up phone lines. Whether you are on a slow DSL connection, mobile application or hi-speed internet cable listeners you will have no problem tuning in to our broadcasts. We also have customized android and iPhone apps, free to download and use, for a one-click streaming experience, on either station, and one-click 'live on air' call with a live talk show host(s). Our apps provide everything our listeners need to enjoy great talk radio and the best of new indie music. FREE AND COMPLIMENTARY. Experience live talk radio done right!

Monday - BBS Station 2 Schedule - (PT)

6:00 pm
6:55 pm
The Wynn Free Conference Call LIVE Wynn Free

Wednesday - BBS Station 2 Schedule - (PT)

5:00 pm
5:55 pm
Tracy Tully Talks Tracy Tully
6:00 pm
6:55 pm
You got questions We got answers Wynn Free

Thursday - BBS Station 2 Schedule - (PT)

Friday - BBS Station 2 Schedule - (PT)

6:00 pm
6:55 pm
Hard News on Friday koran999
8:00 pm
10:55 pm
Hard News on Friday koran999

Saturday - BBS Station 2 Schedule - (PT)

1:30 pm
6:55 pm
The True History koran999
8:00 pm
10:55 pm
The True History koran999

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Articles, Headlines, Featured Guests, New Music and Discussion Posts

John Conlin
Guest, John Conlin, December 14, 2020, Expert in organizational design and change
Guest, Jeff Pilson, February 2, 2021, Multi-instrumentalist with Dokken/Dio and currently with Classic Rock Legends Foreigner
A. Scott Bolden
Headlined Show, Shadow Politics December 13, 2020
Attorney A. Scott Bolden presents his point of view with facts and passion. Scott will share his opinions on the results of the 2020 presidential election, as well as the political landscape in the District. Whether in the courtroom, boardroom or on television screens in living rooms acros....
A. Scott Bolden
Guest, A Scott Bolden , December 13, 2020, Attorney, Political Commentator on CNN, FOX and MSNBC News & Democratic Political Power Broker
Guest, Chris Holmes, January 26, 2021, Heavy Metal Guitarist/Songwriter/Founder and lead Guitarist of W.A.S.P.
Dr. Matt Dunn
Guest, Matt Dunn, December 11, 2020, Radio host, journalist, film reviewer, congressional staffer
Rep. Patrick Neville
Guest, Patrick Neville, December 11, 2020, Colorado State Representative
Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show December 11, 2020
Grassroots Republicans in Colorado and across the country fight back for election integrity.   Rep. Patrick Neville joins the show to talk about efforts in Colorado. Plus Dr. Matt Dunn of 710KNUS’s Backbone Radio joins the show to talk about the latest Swamp betrayal and the U....
Reuben Langdon
Guest, REUBEN LANGDON, December 10, 2020, GAIA TV Interview with ED, host. A Voice Actor, Documentarian, Actor, Filmmaker, Stuntman, Video Game Star and a Fight & Stunt Coordinator
Republic of Kanata - Establish Liberty
Blog Entry, Toni Lontis December 9, 2020
Blog by : Toni Lontis - December 9, 2020
Guest, Lauren Price, founder of Veteran Warriors, December 28, 2020, Veterans Advocate & Founder of Veteran Warriors
Davie Williams
Guest, Dave Williams, December 9, 2020, Colorado Representative House District 15
Teresa Power
Guest, Teresa Anne Power, December 9, 2020, President, Stafford House Books, Inc, Author and Founder of Kids' Yoga Day
Timmer Halligan
Guest, Timmer Halligan, December 9, 2020, Tennis Coach to numerous top juniors, Raleigh Raquet Club Manager
Dr. Robert Weil, DPM
Headlined Show, The Sports Doctor December 9, 2020
Timmer Haligan, Tennis coach to top juniors, long time tennis club manager, recently the great facility at Raleigh Racquet Club returns along with Teresa Power, Founder of National & International Kids Yoga Day,  author of “ABCs of Kids Yoga & ABCs of “Yoga for Kids” & “Litt....
 Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle
Headlined Show, Paradigm Shifters December 8, 2020
This week on Paradigm Shifters:    Paradigm Shiftiers Unite!  Life is changing. The human beings are awakening, becoming aware of the mysteries of dimensions, beyond measure. Peter Calhoun. Is one of my favourite interviewees.... mostly because he touted and assured us that....
Guest, Michael Franklin, January 19, 2021, Legendary Producer/Composer/Performer/Recently Produced Jon Anderson's '1000 Hands Chapter One'
Kathleen Gage
Guest, Kathleen Gage, December 7, 2020, Online Marketing Strategist, Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker
Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show December 7, 2020
Guest, George Athanasopoulos and Casper Stockham  Democrats used  2020 to change our election system forever and not for the better.  Grassroots GOP strategist George Athanasopoulos joins the show to talk about how too many Republicans helped support the steal. Plus ....