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Radio Toni Every Day Business with Wendy Marquenie and Inner Genius Global
Show Name: Radio Toni Every Day Business with Wendy and Inner Genius Global Host Name: Toni Lontis, Wendy Marquenie
Wendy Marquenie

By unlocking your child’s inner potential, Inner Genius inspires people with enquiring minds to imagine, dream, achieve and succeed. Through the Inner Genius Kids and & Teens Programs you develop skills and abilities for critical thinking laying the foundation to create a happier, clearer more contented life.

The Inner Genius Kids & Teens Programs are about unlocking your child's inner potential so that they can overcome challenges and create their success in life.

The Programs encourages and motivates children to think and act positively developing a strong self-belief.

The programs are unique in that it introduces the concept of we are what we think and explains through a series of processes or intellectual faculties which we use when we think. They are Imagination, Intuition, Will, Memory, Reason and Perception. 

Give your child the opportunity to unlock their genius within.

Weekly Show
BBS Station 2
3:00 pm
3:55 pm

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Monday - BBS Station 2 Schedule - (PT)

6:00 pm
6:55 pm
The Wynn Free Conference Call LIVE Wynn Free

Wednesday - BBS Station 2 Schedule - (PT)

5:00 pm
5:55 pm
Tracy Tully Talks Tracy Tully
6:00 pm
6:55 pm
You got questions We got answers Wynn Free

Thursday - BBS Station 2 Schedule - (PT)

Friday - BBS Station 2 Schedule - (PT)

6:00 pm
6:55 pm
Hard News on Friday koran999
8:00 pm
10:55 pm
Hard News on Friday koran999

Saturday - BBS Station 2 Schedule - (PT)

1:30 pm
6:55 pm
The True History koran999
8:00 pm
10:55 pm
The True History koran999

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Guest, Ted Trimpa, December 18, 2020, CEO of Trimpa Group LLC,national political consulting, government relations, progressive public policy advocacy, political strategy
wieteke koolhof
Guest, Wieteke Koolhof, December 17, 2020, New Paradigm Life coach and conscious designer offering ET-channeling in The Netherlands and internationally
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Guest, Sandy Anastasi, December 17, 2020, Psychic
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Guest, Joy Elaine, December 17, 2020, author, speaker, expert on Ashtar Command, energy worker, Akashic reader, Shaman, Angelic Healer
Headlined Show, LetterZ From the Pen December 18, 2020
This show explores the hip hop world and interviews OG2 entertainment artists DEE & Trauma's music. ....
Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show December 16, 2020
Guest, Dr Brian Joondeph and Rep. Dave Williams Trump and his supporters are fighting for this country, Dr. Brian Joondeph suggests the inaction by Establishment GOP is driving the party and the country off the cliff. Plus, grassroots Rep. Dave Williams brings us up to date on this week’s Color....
Dave Williams
Guest, Dave Williams, December 16, 2020, Colorado Representative House District 15
Dr Brian Joondeph
Guest, Dr. Brian C. Joondeph MD, December 16, 2020, Ophthalmologist
Headlined Show, Crazy Sexy Midlife Love December 16, 2020
“Crazy Sexy Fearless Loving with special guest Rhonda Britten”   Her book is Fearless Loving, based on her Fearless Living brand.   Morgana’s New Year Manifestation Formula:   This powerful exerci....
Dr. Robert Weil, DPM
Headlined Show, The Sports Doctor December 16, 2020
Gary Reinl, The Anti-Ice Man, Trainer of Champions, Author of “Iced, The Illusionary Treatment Option” returns along with Steve Wasik, CEO @ VKTRY Performance Carbon Insoles. Then, it's 'The Sports Doctor's In' with your questions and emails! ....
Gary Reinl
Guest, Gary Reinl, December 16, 2020, Trainer of Trainers, Electric Muscle Stimulation Specialist & Author
Steve Wasik
Guest, Steve Wasik, December 16, 2020, CEO @ VKTRY Performance Carbon Insoles
Paradigm Shifters with Veronica Entwistle
Headlined Show, Paradigm Shifters December 15, 2020
This week on Paradigm Shifters:    Paradigm Shifters Presents Jon Olaf Hendricks - aka YANNI - inspiring a new yet integrated recovery movement. The world is changing and needs a recovery system that is global but, as he says, it needs to be the latest as a link between awakening and....
Peter Kater
Headlined Show, SOS December 18, 2020
 Two-time Grammy-winner and Multi-Platinum selling Pianist and Composer Peter Kater joins Jennifer Elizabeth Masters on SOS Friday, December 18. Peter Kater has been a leading innovator of contemporary instrumental music for over 3 decades. He’s received many awards and accolades for his r....
Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden
Headlined Show, Chuck and Julie Show December 14, 2020
Guest, John Conlin It ain’t over till it’s over. What the Trump campaign’s election fight exposes about the system and where do we go from here? Columnist John Conlin joins Chuck and Julie today and says it’s time for a new way of thinking. ....