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The Journey 8 with Rev. Judy Hosner

​Interview with Laurie Marshall

Topic: Bullying

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Groups and Consciousness. Groups can be supportive, groups can help raise your awareness and help you move forward. But groups can also limit you. How can you stay with groups that you like to be a part of, yet not be held back by them?

Guest:  Tom DeWeese

Topic - Property Rights Agenda 21/2030 Transforming our World.
Listen to Tom as we discuss and answer these and other questions: history; background; related treaties; and names the major non-governmental organizations (NGOs) behind its enforcement. Do you know about “Benefit Corporations?” Do you know how Obamacare is related to Agenda 21? Do you know how Common Core is used to make your children the perfect global village idiots to accept Agenda 21 transformation of our nation? Do you know how the Supreme Court has helped enforce Agenda 21?

Our special guest today is Swiss native Patrick Moraz  the extraordinary keyboardist and composer for no less than two legendary super-groups … ‘YES’ (1974-76) and ‘The Moody Blues’ (1978-1991).

Patrick’s first solo album entitled ‘The Story of i’ was hailed by critics as a musical masterpiece.

Our special guest today is musician, author, and music video director … KEVIN GODLEY. If you don’t recognize the name, Kevin Godley was a founding member of the ground breaking UK band 10 cc. (Their single, “I’m Not In Love” continues to be one of the best selling records of all time). And of course “The Things We Do For Love” another big hit for the band.


Catalytic Radio celebrates people who dedicate their lives to living in possibility, who choose to cast aside the opinions of naysayers, which come from the mind, to throwing in with what they really want, which comes from the heart.

Paradigm Shifters with Jaylee Balch and Paul G Balch​

As catalysts of Inpowerment (inner power) our aim is to facilitate the development and health of willing individual’s physical, emotional, mental and intuitive capabilities. Through understanding the importance of balance, we bring a new level of knowledge and awareness enabling individuals to excel in all areas of life.

Today we welcome Progressive Rock multi-instrumentalist/singer/ songwriter/ producer/ engineer/ pioneer/ BILLY SHERWOOD who is the current bass player in the band YES and will be touring with the band throughout 2015. Billy Sherwood was a key part of the line-ups which created the YES albums OPEN YOUR EYES, THE LADDER and was also part of the TALK tour. He recently mixed the band’s HEAVEN AND EARTH album and 2 subsequent DVDs.