You Bout Ready, September 3, 2013

You Bout Ready for another great show! Just tune in!

You Bout Ready, August 27, 2013

Another fun filled Show filled with wit and witticism with Marty Ford!

Guest Name, Karen A Thomas CEC CA

Karen A. Thomas, CEC CA
Karen A Thomas CEC CA
Civility Analyst Etiquette Coach

Civility Analyst Etiquette Expert  2001 - present

College Instructor, Author, Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer

Community Talk - Debut Show, October 26, 2013

Native Americans and Black People, and how they have been portrayed throughout the years! How movies are affecting our racial culture! The Culture of Slavery!

Guest Name, Dan Perkins

Dan Perkins
Dan Perkins

Is the author of a Trilogy on terrorism called the Brotherhood of the Red Nile. He has been on Radio and TV and been interviewed by newspapers about his books. Dan believes that money is at the root of terrorism and taking away or diverting America’s wealth is a way to bring America under Islam control. With 40 years of global investment experience Mr. Perkins is uniquely qualified to talk about financial implications of terrorism.

His book web site is and has links to his interviews and more information about him.


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