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Comedian, TV host, Writer, Award winning art director, Cook

Inside the pending ESEA (Elementary Secondary Education Act) - THE TROJAN HORSE THAT THREATENS PUBLIC EDUCATION.  A deep look inside the pending ESEA (Elementary Secondary Education Act) - listen and learn how the ESEA is the Trojan Horse that will threaten public education, teachers, students, parents, local communities, and even the entire resistance movement, especially the Opt Out revolt.Joining Dr. Miller will be Dr. Victoria M. Young - author of The Crucial Voice of the People, Past and Present: Education's Missing Ingredient.

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'Heal Our Schools; Hear Our Teachers' a documentary researched, written and directed by Laurie Gabriel, is being produced with the mission of uncovering and solving the real problems of public education in America.

Teacher, Musician, Musician Contractor, Public Speaker, Documentarian, Conductor, Music Instructor, Voiceover Artist, Documentary Film Director at 'Heal Our Schools' Documentary