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Inspire Possibility Show with Mark Susnow

Guest, Karen Kingsbury, NY Times bestselling author of over 15 books, explores the pitfalls of social media in her latest novel, When We Were Young…She also explores what happens when too much of our focus is on “what was", rather than "what if." 

Guest Penny Kelly is a noted expert on consciousness research.  Tonight, we began by talking about "the end times", which she defines in a non-linear manner.  Subjects included the technology of Crop Circles, Plasma energy, the Deep State, and we were ending on Orbs when Skype dropped!  This was such an interesting show, that I've invited her back to share more of her decades of knowledge and wisdom.  Enjoy!

Justin Deschamps, creator of the popular blog, Stillness in the Storm (SITS) returns to update us on recent events which hold positive promise.  An informative and uplifting show!

DEBUT of, Marketing with The Masters with April and Ajay Matta, Douglas Newsom and Scott Lee Gabriel

With love and excitement we share our excitement!

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We WANT you tuned in! If you are on the fence, want to know more, or simply curious what the BBS Radio founders are excited about, tune in!

Stream Talk Live with Dean Welsson

Interview with guest Tom Cavallaro

Doctor of Science in Cellular & Molecular Biology, Director of IHM General Institute and President of Office Masaru Emoto, LLC.

Stream Talk Live with Dean Welsson is an educational show for digital broadcasters. We will teach stream quality, technology and much more. Dean has been a member of the digital broadcast community since 1995 and helped pioneer digital streaming.

Today's special guests include Jake Sommers, Production Director at Muse Digital Media and Tom Cavallaro

Discuss new technologies a little bot including LiFi. Professor Haas.