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Consciousness Coach, Teacher, Author, Writer, International Speaker, Journalist, Noetic Science Explorer, Philosopher
Ordained Minister, Humanitarian Activist, Cryptologic Linguist, Russian Air Force
Singer, Songwriter, Spiritualist, Humanitarian, Choir Director, Healer, Author
Spiritualist, Trans-Religious Progressive, Peacemaker, Spiritual Leader, Humanitarian, Healer, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Emissary, Community Builder, Facilitator
Author, Entrepreneur, Consciousness Researcher, Writer, Teacher, Coach
Scientific Researcher, Author, Writer, Speaker, Historian
Author, Keyniote Speaker, Director of LIfe of Learning Foundation, Music Composer, Film Writer
Poet, Writer, Author, Editor, Energy Healer, Consultant, Animal Specialist, Spiritualist
Visionary, ET Contactee, Angelic Intuitive, Vocal Artist, Therapist, Healing Practitioner, Speaker
Speaker, Spiritualist, NDE Experiencer, Healer, Writer, Teacher, Feng Shui Expert, Author, Soul Coach