A Fireside Chat, September 7, 2013

INELIA BENZ returns for a fascinating discussion related to her new e-course on "Sex, Love and Soulmates", with ascension updates.

Families come in all shapes, September 24, 2013

This show deals with families in all their many sizes and shapes. One guest - Carolie Warren - has written a book, entitled "But Mama Why Does Grandpa Get To?" This volume is designed to teach young people about care giving and the role that they might play in this process. In oyher words, it helps them become more mature and meaningful members of a family.

Guest, Bob Linscott

Guest Occupation: 
Advocate for Seniors

Guest, Greg Haislip

Guest Occupation: 
X-Gay Minister, Prayer Warrior, Degree in Psychology, Business Owner, Minister of Delivernce, Radio Host, Singer, General of Prayer in the Kingdom

Guest, Goddess Charmaine

Guest Occupation: 
Reiki Master, Hynotherapist, Aromatherapist, Tantric Energy Specialist, Sex Educator, Counselor, Personal Empowerment Facilitator, Author

Guest, Susan Bakos

Guest Occupation: 
Sexual Empowerment Educator, Sexologist, Sex Educator, Ghost Writer, Magazine Journalist, Author

Guest, Lawrence Lanoff

Guest Occupation: 
Film Director, Photographer, Author, Master Teacher, Enlightened Healer, Doctor of Cognitive Studies

Guest, Melanie Pauley

Guest Occupation: 
Swinger, Media Director, Voice of SDC

Guest, Michele Capozzi

Guest Occupation: 
Lawyer, Urban Explorer, Pornologo, Natured Nomadic


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