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Sun of God University, May 3, 2015


Sun of God University with The Hosts

Galactic Connection: Become The New Golden Age Human You Desire Through Quantum Alchemy!, May 5, 2015


Matthew Hurtado and Alexandra Meadors discuss health within a whole new concept. A former body builder and nutritional supplements franchiser, Matthew uses these experiences and behind the scenes knowledge to develop an amazing group of products which bridge the physical with the spiritual - assisting you with the ascension process in a whole new way!

Guest, Matthew Hurtado

Guest Occupation: 
Health and fitness adept, CEO of Network Holdings LLC

Conscious Creation, April 26, 2015


Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace

A Fireside Chat, May 2, 2015


A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic (Lance White) with guest Michael Nisley


As You Wish Talk Radio Q&A, May 2, 2015


After a little interference on James's Skype connection (during which Doug, our amazing producer @ BBS Radio, started a prerecord of James's interview with Captain K, we were able to get a solid internet connection and James came on with an update of the energies and took callers questions live.

For the Love of Dog, May 1, 2015


For the Love of Dog with Janice Wolfe

Temple of Health Radio Show, May 2, 2015


Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr Susan Kolb

Interview with Dianne Bischoff James of LiveYourEverything

About Dianne Bischoff James

Life Reboot Expert Radio & TV Personality Best-selling Author Speaker Empowerment Coach SAG Actor 

Dianne Bischoff James

Radiance By Design, April 30, 2015


Radiance By Design episode

Conscious Conversations, April 29, 2015


Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet


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