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Guest Name, Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund

Maria Dancing Heart
Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund
Author, spiritual counselor, energy worker, end-of-life coach

Rev. Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund is an international author, transformational energy healer, U.C.C. Minister and ceremonialist, spiritual & bereavement counselor, and end-of-life coach who honors the body-mind-spirit holistic approach. She was born and grew up in Japan, lived in Seattle for many years, and moved to Colorado from Sedona, AZ last Thanksgiving. She is enjoying the beauty of the Boulder-Denver area, sharing her passion to help people overcome the fear of death, and developing her other businesses around energy work and healing - Forgiveness & Reconciliation ceremonies. She also enjoys bringing more Peace and Healing into people's lives through holistic modalities.

Temple of Health Radio Show, July 11, 2015

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