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The Divine Energy with Tom Paladino and guests

Scientist, Tom Paladino, has developed a scalar energy technology that has the capacity to send energy to clients all over the world that subtly influences their body's bio-field inducing repair while simultaneously devitalizing pathogens!  See the power of scalar energy yourself in this photo of Tom hold light bulbs over the scalar field that light up without being plugged in!

Join Tom as we explore the invisible world of energy and how it can change your life!

Perfect Love Consciousness Teacher

Today on Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet, we talk about Involution and Evolution! We have different ways of experiencing Consciousness and Janet uses a new way for us to play in Heart Space with this topic.  Evolution is the body/personality’s experience of raising it’s vibration to become more aware.  Involution is Consciousness, the Essence of who we really, expressing itself into form.  We talk about not being attached to our past stories, to approach life as an improvisation rather than a script.  What is potential?

The Good News with Reverend Joseph Caesar

Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie Peters & Julie Peters

Hungry for the Truth with the Doctor and the Detective

Next on Universal Soul Love:  "Take time for your life now!”

Join us this Tuesday at 6:00 PM PST

David and Lana Love talk about the importance of living life in present moment and taking the time to do the things that bring you joy.

Our special guest will be Jonah Bolt of the Starseed Society and the host of Starseed Energy Radio in Costa Rica.

Possible topics to be discussed include:

- Accepting your physical mortality and our eternal soul

- There is only the here and now

Back 2 Eden Debut Show on BBS Radio