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Zone In! Nutrition and Exercise - show 16 with Steven D. Lewis and Special guest Keith, on BBS Radio!

Zone In! Nutrition and Exercise - show 15 with Steve Lewis and Special Guest Keith!

The theme of this show was 'Searching for Miracles' and presenting the concept of 'Total Immunity from Disease'. Also included details concerning the full understanding of disease. 

Yosaif is dedicated to those who are in the role of caregiving.  He wants to help them before they burn out from all of the stresses associated with that position of responsibility.

Can you tap into your energy field for clarity, peace of mind, and well-being with 'The Power of Auras"? We'll find out.

Etiquette...a word that isn't used too often in today's social environment. Yet it is very much a reality and when it comes to proper use of cellphones, texting and various other types of technology we are having a big wakeup call!  Wake up and pay attention because it will affect you in various ways.

Author, speaker, leadership coach, and business consultant

The John Martin Talk Show - show 11 - with John Martin International Visionary and Healer, on BBS Radio!

Evolve 2b with Audree Tara Weitzman - 15th show on BBS Radio! Audree is Back from India, and other places...