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Singer, Performer, Daughter of Famous Dr. Fred Bell
UFO Experiencer, Environmentalist, Peace Activist, Reporter, S.P.A.C.E. Founder, Journalist, Writer Columnist, Media Advisor, Speaker
Human Geneticist, Biochemist, Neurologist, Endocrinoligist, Immunoligist, Neurotransmitter Related Health Conditions Expert, Researcher, Neuroscientist
Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon, Brest Surgeon, Writer
Independent Researcher, Parnormal Phenomena Investigator, Author
Science Researcher, Religous Researcher, Prophecy Investigator, Author
Physicist, Author, Laser Development Pioneer, Psychic Investigator, Inventor, Remote Viewing Expert, Consciousness Explorer, Scientist, Remote Viewing Facilitator
Theoretical Physicist, Visionary, Quantum Theory Explorer, Writer, Speaker
Investigative Reporter, Editor, Chilean Diplomat, United Nations Official, Columnist, Journalist, Ufologist, Consultant, Producer, Speaker, Media Expert, International Coordinator, Lecturer, Science Researcher
Author, Speaker, Computer Geologist, Computer Systems Designer, Technical Operations Manager, Media Specialist, Researcher